Sunday, September 2, 2007

Law Of Attraction - Known Back In 60's

A lot of people that are new to the law of attraction may not be aware of an author by the name of Jane Roberts. She was an author who began to "channel" a personality by the name of "Seth". In 1963, Jane Roberts and her husband began mental experiments to learn more in the area of extra-sensory perception. What happened was a surprise to both of them, because she began to be able to speak for someone else.

Of course both of them were puzzled, and especially Jane Roberts. She did not believe in any of these things and the personality that began speaking through Jane Roberts talked about things such as reincarnation that she definitely did not believe in. At first, I thought that Jane Roberts was just another one of those strange people who try to make something out of nothing. But when I began reading the first book Seth Material, I realized that Jane Roberts was probably one of the most skeptical people about this whole channeling and "Seth" thing. They visited psychologists and other experts to see if this was really true.

She also was constantly trying to see if it was not just something coming from her own subconscious.

Regardless of whether or not Jane Roberts really did channel another entity called "Seth", the message "Seth" had to bring is truly fascinating. He talks about how your inner feelings create your outer reality, and although I don't think I ever saw the term "law of attraction" in any of the books I've read by Jane Roberts, it definitely is very much in alignment with what people are learning about the law of attraction today.

Of course the source, a person who channels an entity, would be discarded by many people. I admit it is a bit "out there", but I think that if you focus on the message and not how it got here, you'll really be amazed. Anyone wanting to know more about the law of attraction, and that is not afraid of exploring their own consciousness should definitely have a look at the Seth Material and Jane Roberts writings.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Positive thinking – is it enough just to think good?

It is true that our thinking makes us what we are. So many people think when we think more positive thinking can make us think good. Positive thinking will turn things around for the better to some degree.

Positive Thinking - The First Step Into The Law Of Attraction

Positive thinking is the first step to make this world a better place. But there is however more to it. It is not enough to just think more positive. You actually need to learn about the great and wonderful law of attraction and how it really works.

The reason positive thinking hasn't worked for many is that it was just a thought. There was no feeling or emotion about it. If you're trying to think "I'm rich" and you're looking at your overdrawn bank statement or bills feeling bad, then positive thinking is annoying at best! It won't work like this.

We know from all the great minds that have existed and taught us that we need to learn how to think better or more positive. Jesus taught how to think more positive and he taught us importantly about how to love. Buddha taught us in essence the same thing.

Interestingly the greatest law of the universe, the law of attraction is also called the law of love.

This law has the highest vibration in this universe. Everything moves with the law of attraction. Everything responds to it. Most people do not know about this however. We see a lot of negative in this world. When people in this world can learn about the law of attraction and how it works and apply it – they can changes this world.

Thoughts are energy. The thoughts of many people equals a lot of energy. Mass energy is powerful.Mass events are happening because of mass energy.

Electricity is an energy we all know. It can do a lot of things. We can save millions of people for example with the help of electricity. Electricity on the other hand can also kill.

Energy is powerful but it needs to be controlled to benefit us.

The same is true with thoughts. Thoughts are energy. Thoughts need to be controlled to benefit someone. And yes, you CAN control your thoughts. It's a matter of practice.

Why for example did the second world war happen? Did people not learn from the horrible experience of the first world war?

Just stop a moment and think about this!

How could the second world war happen? Most of the people who have experienced the first world war were still alive at the time. How could masses of people be moved to plunge into another war trauma again?

The answer is simple. The law of attraction works every time and it is exact.

This is one example of the power of thought. You see the law of attraction responds to thoughts. It does however not make the selection of right and wrong thoughts. Of good or bad thoughts. It just responds to powerful thoughts.

Masses of people have responded to thoughts and ideas of a few people. It has been said that some of these people have been powerful or full of power.

Knowing the law of attraction this is not quite true. Their power started with powerful thoughts. Just like electricity thoughts can make things for the better and they can also kill.

Positive thinking is not enough. You have to learn how the law of attraction works and then learn to control thoughts and make them work for you and others.

We all can contribute when we change our thoughts. The law of attraction can be the key to true knowledge and happiness for all who let it. Learn more about this and how this law of the universe really works!

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Friday, August 31, 2007

How to lose weight with the law of attraction

Can You Really Lose Weight With It?

Have you heard of the law of attraction? Many people the world over are learning about the law of attraction. Have you just recently heard about the law of attraction? A universal law with the highest vibration in the universe?. Well known TV programs like Larry King Live and the Oprah show talked about the law of attraction. Millions of people are learning and hearing about this information right now. The knowledge about the law of attraction goes actually back to the ancient civilizations.

Many people today are using this great knowledge to harness its powers to benefit in various ways.

The law of attraction has already helped countless women and men to loose weight easily and simple. This news is good news. You too now are able to loose weight with the law of attraction. Harness the power of the greatest law in the universe! Become a slender person once and for all! Here is some information of how you can do this:

You may be one of the many women who have tried just about any diet and you may have lost some weight only to gain it back and maybe even more. So by applying the wisdom of the law of attraction you now can have the right tools to lose weight easily and simply and totally naturally.

Here is how you can take one unwanted pound after another unwanted pound off for good:

Learn and make it a habit to meditate daily and relax. Learn to say your affirmations. You may simply say “I am perfect slim and healthy”. First this may seem like a lie. But you have to remember that you are working along with your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind only reacts to a present command. It does not react to a future command, such as ”I will loose weight, or I will be slim in the future”. Your command or affirmation has to be in the present tense for this to work.

You will with your daily affirmations convince your subconscious that you are slim and healthy. In return your body will respond to this message and you in turn will act like a slim and healthy person. This will be important when it comes to your eating habits. This is how you will finally be able to get rid of your unwanted weight problem for ever.

Try to find a relaxed atmosphere when saying your affirmations daily. You can even turn on some soothing background music.

Many people also are looking at pictures of slim persons while doing this. You can even look at pictures of delicious fruits and vegetables.

You also need to say your affirmations with feelings. So just close your eyes and imagine yourself with your perfect bodyweight. How would you feel? When saying your affirmations feel how it feels to you to be slim and healthy.

You may say this is just too simple to be true.

You may be used to have to spend money in order for something to be of any value. You may think in terms of “you get what you pay for”.

But the truth is, you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. To lose weight is as easy as it was for you to gain weight. It was easy to gain weight for you. You did not have to think about how to gain weight and nobody had to remind you to over eat so you can gain weight. Your weight gain was auto pilot and there was no mental effort on your part. So the very same is true of losing weight. It no doubt may sound unreal to you but losing weight can be auto pilot just like gaining weight.
You see most people are not aware of the power of the subconscious mind. Have you ever wondered why it is seemingly so hard for millions of people to lose weight even if they really want to lose weight?

Your subconscious mind is very powerful. With the law of attraction your subconscious mind becomes the tool you can use to lose weight.

You want to say your affirmations therefore everyday. Work with the law of attraction to make losing weight naturally and easy.

A subconscious mind programmed to over eat for whatever reason will make loosing weight a loosing battle. So what you need to do is to use the precious knowledge of the natural laws of the universe and learn to make the law of attraction work for you.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What is Money Consciousness?

There are all kinds of books, kits, DVDs and tapes you can buy that teach you how to attract wealth and money. Everyone's got their own twist to the way to get money. If you're not careful, you can end up spending thousands of dollars on "opportunities" and "promises".
First, before I get into the basics of allowing more money into your life and developing your money consciousness, I want to cover some of the things you want to avoid.

Many people start getting on this "high" after learning the law of attraction and they think that they have to think positive about all kinds of business "opportunities". This is an unbalanced state of mind, because you still have to be balanced. Just because you have learned the law of attraction and getting into the feeling of a positive state of mind does not mean that you fall for every get rich quick scheme the comes around. Also, there are many business opportunities that are legitimate, and people have made lots of money with them, but that does not mean that you need to jump on the band wagon. Why? Because getting into a money consciousness and attracting money into your life is more than just following a few directions, doing a few affirmations, or meditating on vision boards.

Let Me Break It Down To You

Attracting money into your life and developing your money consciousness is a life style. It is a state of existence. There are certain things that you will not escape, no matter how many hours you do affirmations and no matter how deep you get into the state of already having the money. This is the physical reality factor.As you've been told by The Secret Movie, there is a buffer of time between your thoughts and a physical manifestation. That buffer of time is different for every situation and for every individual. The trick to manifesting more money into your life as quickly as possible is a balance between an intensity of imagination and doing a physical action.

Boils down to the following

1. Intensity of vision, feeling and thought.
2. Action - not just any action, but the right action.

Napoleon Hill, in his book "Think & Grow Rich" says that Money consciousness means that your mind has become so thoroughly saturated with DESIRE for money, that you can see yourself already in possesion of it. And when you get to that point, you begin to do certain actions on an unconscious level that will lead you closer and closer to the things you're seeing inside.

Many people get stuck on the mental part. They think that they can just simply feel their way to it, and I'm here to tell you don't forget the physical aspect. You've got to do some kind of action.

But don't stress over what exactly you have to do. Start with what you already know and are good at and work from there. Each new answer will come to you in different ways, as long as you hold fast to the goal and the vision inside.

It doesn't have to be stressful, hard, or a struggle. But you must be able to master the art of both the mental and physical aspects of your existence to get the maximum results and develop your money consciousness accordingly.

In closing, I want to say that money is not everything in this life, it is just a symbol. Money is the symbol of friend to do new things, go to new places, and improve your life and the lives of others. We all should be thinking about money more often and thinking of ways to bring more money (freedom) into our lives and the lives of others.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Is The Secret Movie A Lie?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or in a cave, you’ve probably heard of hit movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. If you haven’t, it’s a movie introducing you to the idea of the Law of Attraction. In basic terms, the Law of Attraction says that like attracts like.

Some People Think The Secret Is A Lie

Now, a lot of people, since watching “The Secret Movie”, have had quite a few questions about how to use the Law of attraction. There have been many discussions about The Secret Movie and the Law of Attraction on shows like Oprah, Larry King Live, Ellen, NBC, and even in USA Today newspapers. Many people are saying that The Secret Movie is dangerous and that belief in the Law of Attraction is detrimental to people.

In my opinion, The Secret Movie gave people a basic introduction into something so profound that it can change your entire existence. But you can’t expect to understand everything you need to understand from just a couple of hours on a DVD.

Also, from my years of research into the Law of Attraction, “like attracts like” definition is too simple. It’s just an introduction, and by no means the WHOLE or ENTIRE definition of the Law of Attraction.

Everyone Is STILL Learning About This Whole Law Of Attraction Thing - Everyone!

So if you have been questioning The Secret and the Law of Attraction, I advise you to do more research into the concept. Please believe that even the gurus on TV and on the Internet are still themselves learning how to harness the Law of Attraction and how to understand it more fully. One thing for sure though, consistency, focus, and the right action will ALWAYS yield success. This is no secret, but perhaps the WAY that formula is presented could be considered a secret.

I talk about the law of attraction on my website I share tips and techniques I have learned and used. Feel free to use them or improvise on them.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Use Law Of Attraction To Boost Your CashFlow

How Can You Use The Law Of Attraction To Get More Money In Your Life?

You know many people email me to ask how they can attract more money into their life through the power of the law of attraction. It is really very simple in theory. Look at your life now, whatever it is, it came through the law of attraction. If you have bills, if you have problems keeping the mortgage or the rent paid, then all of those things came through the law of attraction. These things may have came through an unconscious process that you weren't aware of, but they are here. Now, you can consciously change the inner attraction forces inside you, so that you can attract more money. I have made a free video for visitors of my web site and my blog. I share a little of what I have personally used to help me. Feel free to email me if you have any ideas or thoughts on how you have used the law of attraction to boost your cash flow and create more abundance in your own life.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My view of the Law of Attraction

I have seen some awesome changes in people's lives due to the "Secret" and them learning about the law of attraction. One of my friends, Rom, is in a wheel chair and has had a difficult life. He has had to deal with difficult and misunderstood medical conditions and has also come from an abusive childhood.

When I first got to know Rom, he was very depressed and angry. I did not tell him about what I was learning because I do not believe in having to convince others of it. You may disagree with me on this, and you personally may believe that if you are using the law of attraction, that you have to share it with as many people as possible. But I personally, think that if someone asks me about it I will freely share what I know and what has worked for me, but if they don't, then I won't.

I think everyone has the right to experience and live their life as they see fit in whatever situation they feel best or don't feel best. If someone is struggling or suffering and they choose not to believe in the law of attraction then this is their own right. The law of attraction is just a name given to something we ALL are constantly learning and improving on.

The definition of law of attraction to me is mastering your existence to the point where you always experience joy nonstop. Whether you call it law of attraction or something else, we are ALL continuously learning how to improve that, no matter if you're extremely poor and agonized or massively rich and happy.

There's always a higher point of feeling good, no matter how good you feel.

Anyway, getting back to my friend Rom. In time, he began to ask me about certain books I was reading and I shared with him. I have seen him change his personality and his out look tremendously. He's even had spurts of manifesting money seemingly overnight, and I asked to take notes from him.

I am amazed at his drive and determination to keep moving forward even when things can get tremendously difficult. It is very inspiring to me.

Here is a small article he wrote about the law of attraction. I thought you may like to read it :)

"What is the law of attraction?

Many people all over the world wonder how they can turn their lives around, how can they stop the downward spiral of poverty and lack? Well, what if there WAS a way, a scientific means by which you could get the things you want; unlimited wealth, love, friendship, anything you so desire?

The law of Attraction may be your answer. What is this Law of Attraction? To put it simply, it is the universal law of like attracts like.

This law of the universe is as concrete as the law of gravity, it cannot be circumvented or side-stepped. It just is. It does not judge, it just does. All of us are affected by this law, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Let me ask you this; do you notice that the things we fear and dread the most, happens to us? This is the law of attraction. Have you noticed that some people seen to be so lucky and others aren't? This too is the law of attraction.

How does the law of attraction actually work? It works like this, like attracts like. If you focus on positive things, positive thing will come to you, and the same is true of negative thoughts and emotions. The problem is that most of us have little to no real control of our thoughts and feelings. They are a jumbled mess, and that's why most of us don't realize our dreams. We must learn to focus our thoughts and emotions like a concentrated laser on a specific target. We must learn to shut out all negativity and doubt, and keep this beam of thought focused on out goals.

The universe is made up of energy, this energy vibrates at different frequencies. Everything is made up of energy, you, I and everything else around us is made up of energy, including our thoughts. Our thoughts become things. Buddha said, "What we are is the result of all that we have thought." Think about this for a moment. How is anything created? It is first conceived as a thought, then that thought becomes a thing as it is manifested in physical form.

What we focus on most is what will manifest in our physical reality, whether we are aware of it or not. But the key is how we focus, because just like in archery, we want our aim to hit the target.. And this is where THE SECRET comes in. This Secret is very ancient and it's principles are even in the Bible! The Law of Attraction is the secret. The secret is simply a way to harness the power of our thoughts and emotions to manifest anything we want! The universe is ready and waiting to grant us our every wish, all we must do now is learn to harness this creative power inherent inside each and every one of us to make our dreams a reality!

Think about it; to have the power to affect and control our destiny in ways you never thought of-- until now; to manifest, infinite wealth, health and love!

Learn what all the ancient great teachers knew and taught. ! Learn how to attune your subconscious with your intentions so that all that you desire can be yours!

Time to live the life of your dreams; NOW!" - Rom Johnson

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